"HOW? Stops Now!"
      - Jamila Thomas

Click here to edit subtit"You were amazing!"                                                       "You have found your calling, speaking life into women"-
- Participate from Womens Conference       
                                                                                                                                                       "I feel so blessed."
My Destiny is Depending on me.              "You should run for President!"
                                                                                                                       "When are you coming back. Please come back soon
"You truly blessed me. Thank you."                             "Jamila, thank you for being authentic."

"You inspire me." - jamie                                                          "I look forward to hearing you again."

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

"Jamila certainly has found her passion. She executed the context with grace, dominance and confidence. JOB WELL DONE!!!" - 2014 Women's Conference

"Jamila was very energetic, and excited, and made the workshop more enjoyable."  
- 2013 Women's Conference                                                                

"I loved your class. I am less stressed today and will invite my friend the next time. I would love to volunteer with WOMEN DIVINE. AWESOME!" - 2013 Women's Conference

"Jamila Thomas...I'm speechless. Thank you!!! You blessed my socks off this morning!!!Keyonda S. McQuarters, Unveiling the Father's Heart Prayer Call

"You really impressed me today, Mrs. Thomas. I see big things for your future. TODAY...WOW! GREAT JOB! AWESOME MESSAGE. The hour flew by. You are excellent at what you do!" - Zernal, Videographer