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The Ultimate Vision Experience: Encouragement for the Visionary is a book that inspires, encourages and motivates the visionary. This book will provide spaces for you to reflect upon the visions you have been given as you work towards bringing them to fruition. You can order this book on


"I was inspired by our conversation and activities yesterday. I feel like writing down my vision for 2014 made it more concrete and manageable and now I'm fired up! I am becoming more bold about my business already! I have orders coming in for shirts from my line, Divine Reflections. I am adding new designs and updating pricing this week. Check out the site Excited to see God's vision for my life coming to fruition!"

Andrea N. Horton, Attorney, Minister

Founder/CEO of Divine Reflections LLC., which is an Inspirational Apparel and Gifts company.

HOW? STOPS NOW! is an global movement that inspires and encourages individuals to answer their HOW? question in the affirmative. You receive a vision or a dream and the first question you ask yourself is HOW am I going to do that? Typically, you answer that question with a negative answer. You think of all the reasons why it would be impossible. Well, HOW? STOPS NOW!

Purchase this book and begin to answer your HOW? question in the affirmative. You can purchase book here:


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